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The last thing you want to see in your pool when you open it is the color green. It’s not uncommon, but especially in colder states, like Minnesota, it heralds weeks of chemical applications in order to prepare your water for summer fun and parties. Here are a few things you can do to minimize, prevent, and eliminate green in your pool.

Close your pool properly

We can’t stress this enough. Closing your pool properly, with the right chemicals at the right time can make worlds of difference in your pool water the following spring. Closing kits, like Bioguard’s Artic Blue help prevent algae from getting a foothold while your pool is shut down for the season. Put simply, closing kits create a hostile environment for algae by altering the pH and phosphates in the water, and introducing an algicide.

If the water is wet, keep it circulating

Close your pool late in the season, and open it as early as possible, even if it’s not ready for swimming, and get your pump running on a schedule. Water that is not moving while the weather begins to heat up creates perfect conditions for algae to take hold and grow out of control.

Maintain your sanitizer

Algae is constantly being introduced into your water, and phosphates from dirt or even sweat and body oils act as fertilizer to encourage its growth. Sanitizers like chlorine, bromine, or others kill spores before they can grow. If sanitizer levels are too low, it may not be enough to kill the spores, and once fully grown and spreading, it will take huge amounts of chlorine and expensive algicides to clear it up again.

Shock weekly

Even when your regular sanitizer levels are maintained, algae spores can sometimes still get ahead of you. A regular dose of extra sanitizer or non-chlorine oxidizer gives your pool an extra shot of protection. It also helps you maintain your sanitizer levels, and boosts the effectiveness of the sanitizer already in your pool.

Clean regularly

Keeping debris out of your pool is essential. In addition to making it look a lot better, cleaning with a vacuum and brush to keep dirt and leaves out of your pool will take a lot of the burden off your sanitizer by dislodging spores that may have lodged to the walls or in the cracks of your pool. Cleaning regularly can also extend the life of your liner and pool equipment.

Also, make sure you’re using the right brush. A concrete brush with wire bristles can damage your vinyl pool, and a vinyl brush will be damaged by concrete pool walls.

Be attentive

Keep an eye on your water. In nature, water encourages life of all kinds, and left alone it’ll find a way to flourish. That’s good news for the lakes and rivers, but not so much for the water in your pool. Test your water frequently, or bring in a water sample and let us test it for you. Keep your pH levels in the proper range. After parties or when you’ve had a lot of people in the pool, give it an extra dose of shock or oxidizer to counter phosphates and other organic material.
Mainly, you want to keep your water balanced as much as possible. Maintaining a balance is pretty easy and not very expensive in the long run. Once you let it get too far out of balance, the problems set in and it can take weeks or months to bring it back on your own. As always, if you have any questions or problems with your water, please call us! We’re here to help you, and our water and pool experts will do all they can do make sure you have the best summer possible, and make pool ownership a real joy.

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